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Legacy Scholarship Fund

Students graduating in March or October of 2014 will be the first to have the opportunity to contribute towards a legacy scholarship fund. This project aims to create stronger collegiality between graduating cohorts, creating opportunity for future generations of students and foster a culture of giving at UNE.

Graduating students will be given the option of making a donation (small or large) towards the fund. The Vice-Chancellor has offered to match donor funds. This gives the potential to create something substantial.

UNESA is now calling for expressions of interest for students to be part of a committee of six 2014 graduates who would be responsible for determining the finer points in the decision-making process. This committee will work closely alongside the Office of Advancement to set down terms of reference that will govern the functioning of the committee. Ideally this graduating committee would cover a diverse range of student demographics including external students, indigenous students, post grad students, mature age students, etc.

To express your interest in becoming a part of this committee, please contact UNESA.


TUNE FM was founded in 1968 by five students who had a vision that has created a legacy of over forty years of radio broadcast at UNE. The birth of the first university broadcaster was with the original Radio UNE that was officially opened by the former Chancellor, Sir Zelman Cowan. TUNE FM is built on a strong volunteer base, with students offering their time as radio announcers and program managers. The university recognises the importance of TUNE FM by investing significant money in the station and lobbying the Federal Government for an important grant, matched by the university, to build a brand new studio in 2010. TUNE FM has survived on the enthusiasm and passion of students and staff and is another means of communication, providing an important voice of the university. The potential for advertising revenue is similar to Nucleus, although probably not as easy and transparent to attract at this stage. If TUNE FM is looking to modernise and meet the changing medium of radio, advertising may be a good opportunity to generate income.

Tune!FM Website


Nucleus was restored in 2013. The original publication, The Neucleus, was the oldest and longest-running student newspaper in Australia.  Nucleus offers a tangible symbol of the student voice at UNE, a capacity to bridge the silos and has played an instrumental part in good will built between students, academia and administration. The potential to generate advertising income from each edition of the Nucleus is a possible opportunity to mitigate cost and ensure ongoing issues. 2013 has been a year to consolidate and restore Nucleus’ presence at UNE. Nucleus needs to turn its attention to income revenue as a way of ensuring its future. The student demographic provides opportunity for a wide range of prospective advertisers. The appointment of an advertising and distribution manager for Nucleus will start to realise revenue to help underpin the future of Nucleus.

Nucleus Website

Visit Nucleus on Facebook

Professional Experience Name Badges

As a service to its members, UNESA co-ordinates the production of name badges for students who are required to undertake professional experience as part of their program of study. At the moment this service is for Teacher Education students only. An example of the badge is shown below. It measures 75 x 25mm, is white, with a magnetic pin:

Badge Image

To request such a badge, please complete the form below and select the course of study in which you are currently enrolled. The courses listed are the only ones for which name badges have been approved. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery of the badge.

There is a small cost of $5.00 for the badge, which you can pay into our bank account through direct credit. The account details are as follows:

BSB No:                        932-000
Account Number:        733280
Name of account:        UNESA INC.

If you are not already a member of UNESA, please “opt-in” to membership through our sign-up service before completing the form. Your name badge will not be processed until such time as you have opted-in to membership of UNESA. There is neither a membership fee nor any expectation placed upon you as a member of UNESA.

Name (required)

Student Number (required)

Email address ( (required)

Telephone Number

Mailing address (to allow for postage of the badge)

Course of study (required)


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