Is it free join the Student Association?

What type of activities does the Student Association do?
UNESA’s purpose is to:

Represent the interests and welfare of students.

Promote the social and intellectual life of the University.

Organise professional and social activities of students and encourage the development of
organisations, clubs and societies for students at the University.

Operate as a recognised means of communication between students and the University.

Liaise, where appropriate, with other student organisations in the tertiary sector including other
student bodies, guilds or associations in order to carry out these objectives.

Provide the University with advice with regard to expenditure, priorities and disbursement of funds collected by the University.
In accordance with the provisions of the Student Services and Amenities Fee Guidelines.

Promote the interests of students and the broader UNE community.

Does the Student Association have any meetings or events that I could attend?
Upcoming events will be published in the Events calendar of our website, the UNESA Moodle site and Facebook site. This includes open meetings of the Association.

Is there someone I could talk to in person with things related to the Student Association, and how can I contact this person?
You can contact UNESA by email to unesa@une.edu.au or by telephoning 02 6773 3623.

What does SSAF stand for?
Student Services and Amenities Fee.

Is SSAF compulsory unionism?
No, it is not. The SSAF does not automatically sign us up to the Union, plus the money is not allowed to be spent on political parties or campaigns.

Is SSAF separate from the Student Association?
Yes. SSAF is administered by the university in consultation with UNESA. UNESA is the legislated consultative body for SSAF and the ultimate discretion for the expenditure of SSAF sits with the Vice-Chancellor.

When are the UNESA elections held?
The elections will be held in July, followed by the AGM.

As an external student, how can I be involved with UNESA?
Those students lucky enough to attend campus during intensive schools can have direct access to UNESA, although all external students, regardless of circumstance, are welcome to raise any ideas or issues that may benefit and provide amenity to the wider UNE-student cohort. UNESA’s success and capacity is built on difference and diversity of its student population. Every external student should feel free to email unesa@une.edu.au or phone on 02 6773 3623 with ideas or issues.

Does UNESA operate independently of the university?
As the SSAF is administered by the university, in consultation with UNESA, the Student Association maintains and operates a partnership with the university administration and academia.

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