University of New England Student Association

About Your Student Association

The University of New England Student Association (UNESA) is your democratically elected student body responsible for representing and advocating on behalf of students to the University.

The vision statement of UNESA is: “to represent without fear or favour the students of the University of New England; to encourage participation in a fair and just tertiary experience through shared higher thinking.”

UNESA seeks to promote an environment inclusive of external and internal students in a community that extends outside of their academic studies. With such a unique and diverse student body, the expectations that each student might bring to this community will vary and it is the responsibility of the UNESA Board of Directors to try and create what this might look like. Whilst advocating at the university level, UNESA also seeks to engage with government decisions that affect students. In a university with a large number of students from low SES backgrounds we have a responsibility to defend and promote the amenity and system that allows these students and rural students to participate fully in the education system.

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